Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Box of Yarn

Yes, it really is my lucky week! The postman also brought me this big box of yarn from Justin's Grandma!

She had heard I was into knitting, and so gathered up this collection of unusual treasures! There are yarns that look like feathers, yarns that look like confetti got spun into them, yarns that are fluffy, yarns that are fuzzy, and everything in between!

Unfortunately, there are no yarns that are for chewing on.

So, I'm looking for unusual projects worthy of these special yarns! Any ideas?

I've also been baking today, and used a favourite banana bread recipe (not mine, so I'm not sure I can give it out, sorry!) to make little muffins to take to a friend's house tonight. Texan women can bake like no other, so I'm hoping my offering will be well accepted!

Hope you're having a lovely week of autumn beauty!


Victoria said...

I don't knit so I have no input in that area, but the yarn with the different colours of teal is lovely!

mentalmulch said...

Great yarn,but can't help you with any ideas...I don't knit. I can tell you that Bella is such a cutie and those cupcakes look yummy! Have a nice day and give Bella a big smooch for me!

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