Monday, December 28, 2009

Comfy, cozy, rusty?

This week, I'm mostly:
  • Trying to find excuses to leave the house, so I can wear the wonderfully warm and fluffy UGGs my Mum sent me for Christmas. I LOVE them!

(Well, okay, to be honest, I'm wearing them inside too, and completely abandoning my Anti-Shoes-in-House policy, much to Justin's relief!)

  • Eating the Terry's chocolate orange that Bella got me for Christmas, and wishing I was in England.

(Well, okay, I bought it for myself, but Bella showed
no signs of going to the shops on her own!)

  • Loving rustiness. All the barns we saw on the drive back from San Antonio really inspired me, and though I haven't decided what form my 'Tribute to Rust' will be in, I'm working on it!

  • Writing and illustrating a few pages on how the pregnancy is going so far. I tried using a regular 'baby book' type thing, but four lines a week isn't enough room! I want a page a day, and room to draw!
What a lot of fun!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas,
full of family, fun and chocolate ('tis the English way...)!


Erica said...

I am glad you had a great christmas! I have to admit, I am not a fan of those shoes, but they are very trendy right now and I hear they are quite comfy. I hope you get to play outside in them soon.

Loreal said...

Oooo those shoes are perfect for you! I can just imagine you wearing them, but I can't believe you broke your policy! Haha! That chocolate looks divine... Stephen needs to take a hint from Bella! Btw, my current favorite baby name is Bella, and I just realized that's the same name as your dog. Hmmm...