Monday, December 28, 2009

New Month's Resolutions

A year seems like a long time to stick to, so here are my resolutions for the next month:

1. Order this amazing book I found today in Barnes and Nobles, and make something from it. Even if it's just one bib, make something!

2. Celebrate not feeling like this (below) anymore by getting out and about! I.e. walking the dog further than to the mailbox.

(drawing by the awesome Gemma Correll)

3. Take photos of some of the beautifully rusty buildings in downtown Bryan. Who knows when they might get new roofs?

4. Cook. More. At least five nights a week, let's say. And no more bloody canned soup!

That's it!
I feel confident I can stick to these, and enjoy sticking to them.


Loreal said...

I love the idea of monthly resolutions! I'm so happy you're feeling well again-- I'm calling you soon!!!

Mari said...

month to month resolutions?? that sounds brilliant! a much more achievable goal!