Wednesday, December 16, 2009

White Elephant Gift

Work at the Writing Centre is over for the year, and today we have our office Christmas party. We'll be doing a White Elephant gift swap, and since we're all complete nerds, I thought I'd make something with a bit of a grammar theme:

Felt ornaments, adorned with my favourite punctuation marks! (Semi-colon, exclamation point, and an apostrophe/comma, in case you weren't sure!)

They were so simple to make, just felt circles with punctuation marks cut free-hand and sewn on, then stuffed!

Here's the gift ready to be wrapped, with a little note explaining what they are!

And, the dessert I made: an English trifle, with real imported Bird's custard, but no sherry this year! (Cran-raspberry will have to do... I hope you know the sacrifices I'm making, baby!)

Yummy looking, but again, oh so simple. Angel food cake, jello, frozen strawberries and raspberries soaked in juice, custard, more frozen fruit, and heaps of freshly whipped cream... in that order!

This should be the best office party ever!


Jac-Ber Creations said...

Fab ornaments!
I love triffle and Birds custard :-)

Loreal said...

You are so productive! Love the ornaments, and you're killing me with having to look at that trifle while not being able to take a bite of it! Yummy!