Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family Heart

A couple of days ago, Justin was offered a new position with his company, one that will require rather a lot of travelling. And so, as a little present for him (and fun project for me!), I thought I'd make him a little something that might make the travelling a little easier.

The inspiration comes from Handmade Home again, and is what Amanda calls the "Family Heart". The idea is that when one in the family has to go away, whether for a sleepover or a business trip, they can take the heart with them and feel a bit more connected.

My heart is made out of my favourite spotty red batik fabric, with a little patch of soft flannel sewn on for the pocket. And inside the pocket is a little note.

It's the first few lines of E. E. Cumming's poem, "i carry your heart with me" which I thought fitted extremely well. (Although I did add in grammar and capital letters... sorry, E. E.!)

And it sits inside my big branchy heart over the fireplace, ready to be given to Justin tonight, when he gets home from accepting the job!

P.S. My sewing machine skills are improving no end! I can sew curves now without stopping to adjust every two seconds! Yay!


Loreal said...

Awww, I don't know whether to be happy or sad about the new position, but nevertheless am loving the heart!!