Monday, January 18, 2010

The Tale of Wodger Weginald Wabbit

I've been having such fun with Wodger Wabbit all day, and he's been begging me to write a story about him.

So far, he's told me that he's the littlest in a litter of twenty rabbits.

He has ten brothers: Wandolph, Wupert, Wemington, Wichard, Woland, Wonald, Wobert, Wadcliff, and Wafferty.

And nine sisters: Webecca, Wamona, Waphaella, Wose, Whonda, Wowena, Woberta, Wosanna, Wosalind, and Wuth.

When his siblings were mean to him, he ran away and made his home in the first warm place he found: an Ugg boot.

Which is where he stayed, until discovered by a passing Mr. Monkey and Fatty McBeaver, who took him in and became his friends.

What silliness! Wodger is really excited to get posted today, and is writing a little letter to Alice at the moment to introduce himself. Hopefully, he'll share it when it's done.


Rufusandco said...

I weally like Wodger. So glad he has found fwiends like Mr.Monkey and Mrs Beaver.

Loreal said...

Have you ever thought about writing childrens' books?! What a cute little story... and your ability to come up with names is unmatched, btw!

Dolf & Alice said...

Writing a letter to Alice?!! I love the picture of Wodger in your ugg boots! I'm actually wearing my own pair of those very boots right now