Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Projects

It's been a lovely weekend-- part relaxation, part getting-things-done. We went to the cinema, barbequed four of the best sausages I've ever eaten, cleaned the shed, and Justin 'fixed' the vacuum cleaner (i.e. took it apart, cleaned it, reassembled it, and then found I'd been trying to use it while it was on the 'hose' setting... oops!) so I could do a major clean around here.

I've got a few new craft projects on the go, too.

Firstly, a little wool soaker to put over the baby's nappy, which should turn out a bit like this (but in red, of course!):

(Pattern from here)

I love knitting for the baby, as it's so calming, and I feel like all the emotions I feel go right into the wool! And this will actually be a doubly heart-felt soaker, as I knitted the entire thing with a twist in it the first time (assuming, incorrectly, that knitting in the round would 'sort itself out'!) and had to start over.

Secondly, a quilt for Justin (probably for Valentine's day... but maybe 'just because' if I finish earlier or later!)

I'm hoping to make something like the quilt my Mum just made for my Dad's birthday, from special old shirts that no longer fit (or have been quietly moved from the wardrobe for fashion reasons!).

Mum's quilt, from her lovely blog, here
(Stop by and visit... you'll love it!)

So, plenty to do!

And... we should find out if our newest family member will be a boy or girl this Thursday, hopefully, thanks to a kind friend with after-hours access to an ultrasound machine! EXCITING!

(My bet's on boy, by the way!)


Victoria said...

Ooh, I love the baby thing you knit - I assume it's to go over the diaper? Either way it's darling!

Loreal said...

I can't wait to find out what you're having! How on earth do you manage to be so productive with all these projects going on at once? You amaze me! Good luck with the knitting!