Saturday, January 9, 2010

When I Grow Up...

I often have to remind myself that being creative is too important to leave for another day. It's so easy for work and chores and spending time with the husband to take up a whole day, and then a whole week, and the crafting be shoved aside.

So, here are a few lovely things that remind me to make time for creating:

This one always makes me think of birthdays, with the party hat, apron for cake baking, and the string of red hearts ready to be hung. Birthdays were always such a special day when I was growing up, and I love to be a bit over the top about them still!

And this one makes me think back to our wedding, with the Chinese-style paper cut (we got married in Beijing), and the mixture of red and pink (our wedding colours). That was definitely the most beautiful day of my life (thanks mostly to my Mum!) and I try to bring a bit of that into our every day lives.

And Mrs. Birdie with her two chicks reminds me of all the wonderful ways I can pass the creativity onto the new baby. Red gingham, just like the little chicks' scarves, will definitely be a feature of baby's wardrobe!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


Jacque said...

OO these are lovely! I really like the one with the girl and birds! SO pretty!! I agree that it's important to make time to be creative!

Loreal said...

This is why our craft days were so good! It kept me going! Maybe we should hold skype craft meetings =)