Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Day out in Bryan

In the spirit of doing things worth taking photos of, yesterday Justin and I had a little stroll around downtown Bryan. I lured him out there with the promise of an icy cold chocolate malt from this lovely little antique shop on the corner. Delicious.

And then, fueled by chocolate, we walked around, stopping every few feet so I could take a photo of something or other! This lovely rusty car was the door knob to another little antique shop:

Justin thinks I'm completely insane. He likes the new, clean buildings, and wondered why I wasn't taking any photos of them. But for me, peeling paint and uneven edges are the most beautiful thing!

And old doors.

Did I mention peeling paint?

This was my favourite shot of the day. The fading white paint on the front of the building makes me think of a geisha's face paint at the end of a day!

Today, we'll be staying home and resting, as Justin isn't feeling well. I've also decided to make my cushion cover fabrics into a table cloth, using the red spots as the main piece and adding a border of turquoise (as the red doesn't completely cover the table top!)... so hopefully I can finish that today.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


Loreal said...

Great pictures! Now you're going to have the same problem as me-- too many pictures! Haha! Looking forward to seeing your new tablecloth!