Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pancake Day

For the first time since I've been in America, I remembered to celebrate Pancake Day!

Justin was very excited to find pancakes waiting when he came home for lunch.

And Bella very much enjoyed taking part in the fun, too. She managed to gobble up her pancake before I could get a picture of it!


Loreal said...


T @ Poppy Place said...

Because all my kids are off at college/working in distant places, I decided to have pancake day on Christmas Eve instead,(when they were all home again) so I made crepes for breakie :)

Happy Shrove Tuesday :) T.

Erica said...

That looks like fun, though I would probably go for waffle day or french toast day, I think the texture of pancakes is strange :) cute pictures.

I do love crepes though, my mom used to make wonderful crepes!

LittleGemsbyKari said...

mmm pancakes!