Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Starting today, and running for the next year, I'm going to take at least one photo every day. My Mum suggested this little project, and is setting up a Flickr group some time soon to show all the photos we all take. Exciting!

I got a little nervous today about being able to take a good enough photo, so took a whole load!

Justin's method of keeping the shed closed!

The shed roof

Justin and Bella on our Valentine's walkies

A sweet little flag we saw on the walk

Our Valentine's cards... Justin put a pack of 1994 basketball trading
cards in with my Valentine's card,
which gave me a good laugh!
Apparently, I got some good ones, and he put them in collector's cases for me!

We're barbequeing for lunch, and then off to the cinema... what fun!

Hope you're having a lovely, love-filled day, too!