Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Fun of Collage

I wanted to share a little activity I did this week: a personal collage. The idea was to find images and quotes in magazines that reflect who you are, and put them all together. Pretty straightforward, or so I thought!

It turned out, the things that spoke to me in the magazines weren't so much the pictures, but the colours. It wasn't until I was cutting around a photo of a woman doing yoga on the beach to get a good chunk of the lovely striped beach towel next to her that I realised perhaps this was a bit strange! Didn't I want to see myself in the woman: calm, active, in a beautiful place? No, not really. What about the couple on another page, having champagne on the patio, who I cut around to get to their green bushes, didn't I want to see myself there? Again, not particularly.

What seemed important, instead, was trying to get reflect who I am at normal times. There weren't any photos in the magazines of women eating grapes in their pajamas in front of a movie. There weren't any photos of women hauling a kitchen chair out into the garden to sit and write outside. And so, instead, I tried to capture the colours that I want to define me: sunny colours, bright colours, for the moments of creativity; calm colours for the restfulness.

Anyway, what hadn't seemed to me to be such an inspiring project when I began became something which really made me think. I wonder what photos you could find that you see yourself reflected in?


Stacy said...

Oh, I'm loving my collage too.

Great colors! I cut out something for the pink so I totally understand. :-)

LeelaBijou said...

What an amazing project! Wonderful collage :)

Loreal said...

So beautiful!

Rufusandco said...

Love your thinking about making your collage. I never got mine made because - like you I didn't identify with the people in the magazines. Now I can try again but looking for colour and moods. Thanks xxx

Ann said...

Love the colours in your collage. Maybe you could add my link to the unraveller's Blogs.

Anna said...

Hi Astrid, What a fascinating revelation about your collage. Unique too. I always like to find pictures that I see myself doing, like you mentioned. Never did I thought about finding the colors that spoke to me. Your collage is very vibrant, but I am not surprised since you like all things red.