Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Things Come to Those Who Clean

I've gone a little bit mad with cleaning this weekend. And tidying. And making sure things like remote controls and shampoo bottles are lined up perfectly straight and parallel to each other.

And, as if having a clean and bright house isn't reward enough, I'll share with you some useful things I found while emptying out shoe boxes and old purses, (because who doesn't love to sneak a peek inside other people's stuff!):
  • Three nice lipbalms
  • Twenty nice pens that actually work (as opposed to all of the ones on my desk)
  • A lot of Danish, English, and American coins all mixed together
  • 5000 bobby pins
  • Two bags of Welch's fruit snacks (yum!)
  • A nice summery pair of underwear
  • A spare key to our house
  • My stealing-ideas-from-books-in-Barnes-and-Nobles-without-buying-them notebook
  • My watch
  • And, the icing on the cake, a $100 gift voucher to Pottery Barn that we got as a wedding gift... two years ago! Of course, there isn't a Pottery Barn within about 200 miles of here, but next time we're in a big city, it's fancy-cushion-shopping-spree time!

Of course, there were also shrivelled oranges, dead batteries, receipts and shopping lists from who knows when, and about a million mints that no longer looked very appetising! But, it felt very good to throw all that away. The thought of it all moving house with us, and of Matilda finding it all when she's five, are good incentives to chuck it out!

And, as if all that wasn't reward enough, I got myself some lovely sweet grapes,

and a Cadbury's Creme Egg!

Hope your weekend was wonderful, too, whether it was productive or restful! xx


Stacy said...

Oh, I just ate a Cadbury Cream Egg! Yum...

RedRedCompletelyRed said...

And I just had another! :)

Loreal said...

Good for you for cleaning up and tidying! You will be glad you did! You know how I was having that mad burst of cleaning energy a few months ago? Well it's gone now so I'm glad I took advantage of it!

Caitlyn and Chad said...

Ohhhh! I am so jealous of your Cadbury egg! I was pleading with my family to send me some for Easter ;-)

I always love the feeling of getting things all organized--it's just taking the time to do it instead of getting lost in other interests!