Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Own Co-Pilot

This weekend, as Justin's going to be out of town for a while, I drove down to San Antonio to keep myself busy. It was rather a whirlwind weekend of baby shops, lunch with friends, and going through my in-laws' closets of their saved childhood lovelies!

It was also my first real road trip solo, which I'm rather proud of. Yes, last summer, when we made the eighteen-or-so hour drive from Arizona to Texas, I drove all the way in one of the cars. But all I really did was follow. I turned when Justin turned. I never had to think about routes or exits or what to do if you end up in a different city accidentally.

This trip, I was in charge of all of that!

And yes, that includes ending up in a different city! On these messy Texas highways, roads turn into other roads and then turn back again, so one missed sign meant that I drove into Austin...

Eek. Austin is not a fun place to drive. But, the man in the petrol station was very helpful, and got me back on track!

On the way home again, I was (understandably!) a little nervous about my sign-spotting ability, so I wrote myself a little note on my hand to keep me going... and it worked.

Having a happy evening relaxing before the second half of the semester of work starts up again tomorrow! Enjoy yours, too :)


Campbell Jane said...

Way to go!

Angela said...

Oh!! I love the feeling of going on a solo road trip, reading the signs...It just makes you feel so good about yourself!

Oh and I just saw your post about Shipley Do Nuts!! We have 2 here and they are the best in the world!! I feel sorry for people who have only tasted Dunkin or Krispy- they have no idea what they are missing!!!

Stacy said...

Yay for the solo road trip!