Monday, March 22, 2010

Sending Out Happy Thoughts

I've had better days.

The funny thing is, when I'm by myself, I feel like I can handle Justin being away. I really do try to look on the positive side, and think about all the new experiences he'll have, and all the time I have to devote to creative things while he's away. I treat myself a bit... yes, two banana splits at 4 o'clock might have been a bit too much of a treat, but I also forgive myself! I write, I play music, I give Bella lots of attention. We're doing okay.

The hard part, it seems, is being around others. I don't really understand how that works. I was so looking forward to dinner with friends tonight, but I came out of the evening feeling so much more isolated. The whole time, I wanted to excuse myself and shake off the negativity that was settling in, but I didn't; I stayed and ate and talked, thinking that's what people are supposed to do when their spouse is away, that's what's supposed to cheer people up.

Well, apparently, it's not what cheers me up, and so I'm spending a bit of time this evening reconnecting with the positive energy I've got all by myself.

I'm writing a few little cards to send to friends, family and a few new Unraveller friends who I think might appreciate a bit of happiness in their post boxes. There's nothing like sending some happy thoughts out into the Universe to make me feel a bit better about a could-have-been-better day.

Hope your Monday's been a bit easier! xx


This girl said...

Very very happy thoughts to you. I definitely understand feeling better being alone. It's odd, isn't it? The first time my partner had to be away without me I was desperately beseeching friends to come and visit me, but then when they did it felt rather awkward, trying to seem happy about and and having to find interesting conversation. I was much happier on my own getting into a good book or crafting, because I only had to please myself and I was allowed to sulk if I felt like it :)
Thinking of you, just carry on!

Loreal said...

Sorry you did not feel well! At least you gave the social thing a try, and have found out what works better for you! Maybe once you get more adjusted to Justin being gone, you will enjoy being around other people while he's away. But there's nothing like crafting to lift the spirits! And banana splits...mmm!! (And don't feel bad, I ate a Dairy Queen Blizzard last night, and a big chocolate milkshake tonight!) I hope you feel better tomorrow!

ingrid said...

Astrid totally empathise with you as I am on my own here - except when Alice breezes in with her friends - takes over the living room and then breezes out again, leaving me guessing whether she is going to grace me with company for dinner or not. Turns out - not! So I ate a cream egg and watched Pride and Prejudice!! Seems like chocolate and Darcy do wonders for me!! Hope to talk soon. I x

Tazway said...

My husband travels a lot as well. Right now I feel even more alone as we have just relocated and I now have no family, and only 1 friend in my new home town. Thank God for Skype and Facebook or it would really do my head in.