Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shadow Love

I recently convinced Justin to partake in a little of the daily photography, and we got a lovely shot of us together, holding hands.

Then, never content, I thought we'd try a (slightly cheesy) kissing shot, too. I aimed the camera, and started clicking.

Of course, at that moment, the sun must have gone behind a cloud, as the shadows we captured went from faint to fainter to just a photo of our driveway! Justin had had enough by that point, so I let him escape... happy that we got one shot of the two of us, at least!


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

nice idea- always good to have a kiss anyway photo or not.

Anna said...

Cute pic of your shadows.

kerin rose said...

Hi Astrid,

I do love these shots ( even with the cheese! )....thank you for including me in your sidebar here!
Kerin rose

Victoria said...

Ooh, neat photos! I like the progression too, as the shadows begin to disappear. Very cool!

Loreal said...

Cute pictures =) I wish I could take some preggo pics of you and Justin together!