Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rats in Ikea

What a wonderful day we had yesterday... a day trip up to 'the mothership', i.e. Ikea. We started off with a big plate of meatballs, and then made the five mile hike around the rest of the store! Big successes: baby crib bought, baby mattress bought, spare bed --that really seems comfortable-- bought, stripy pillowcases bought, and much fun had with a stuffed rat.

Rats in Ikea, originally uploaded by RedRedCompletelyRed.

And now it feels like we're really having a baby! Because Ikea, really, is only somewhere I get to go when big life changes are happening... we made the drive to the one in Phoenix two years ago when we got married and lived in Arizona, and now we've driven over to Austin to get set up for the new stage of life. And it might seem a little silly, but I feel it's sort of our family tradition. I grew up in a house right out of an Ikea catalogue, and so even though my family live a long way away, this is one of the very everyday ways I feel closer to them... sitting on our Ektorp sofa, putting books away on Billy bookcase, setting drinks on the Lack tables, and, soon, assembling the Expedit shelves and Gulliver crib for little Tilly!


Loreal said...

How exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

That is adorable! You're so funny!
Isn't it funny how Ikea is the same everywhere around the world, it's comforting...when I'm in one here in Canada it feels like I'm in Amsterdam where my parents took me when I was little.
And Tilly is such a sweet name! You must be excited to be putting her room together.

Rufusandco said...

I love the rat popping up everywhere. Hope he came home with you too.
Dad will be very happy to see you buying so much from IKEA.
Tilly's room is going to be so lovely.

RedRedCompletelyRed said...

Yes, we're so excited! Tilly was kicking in excitement, too, as we walked around!

Anonymous said...

We have the same rat and we called her Matilda, we love her very much, and I am sure Tilly will love it too!

Stacy said...

Oh, I love Ikea! I went on Saturday. So much fun.... and I love the rat photos.

elineof said...

I wish I would meet cute rats like these in Ikea! I live very close to the second Ikea store in the world (outside Oslo, Norway). It's an old store - but I have nver seen rats there! It's fun with Ikea. We had a Billy bookshelf and a Lack table way back.

Good luck with the changes in your life!