Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back to Normal

Back to normal means we're cooking for ourselves. Back to normal means we're planning to leave the house, all together. Back to normal means I've no excuse not to get out of my pyjamas all day.

Back to normal also means taking down the beautiful cards for Tilly that have taken over our living room, and starting to put together a book of memories from her first month.

Back to normal means feeling creative again.

Back to normal means pulling out the piles of papers, the paper cutter, the mementoes from the hospital and from the pregnancy, and printing photo after photo. (The fact that Tilly's first two weeks were spent in the company of a whole family taking a photo a day means I've got plenty of material!)

Back to normal also means pins and fabric scraps on the couch, because, of course, one thing on the go is never enough!

Back to normal means feeling the urge to make, make, make, and though there may be less time in the day for sewing and memory-keeping, the time that I do find has become even more sacred, as if I need to condense all the joy I got from four hours of stitching into forty-five minutes.


Anonymous said...

Back to normal means cookies and milk!

Loreal said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the scrapbooking photos! That's ALMOST as good as scrapping at your table with you! I hope you will continue posting pictures of your scrapbook pages! And I recognize the card I sent Tilly on one of your pages! I'm so proud and in awe of you! However do you find the time?! I knew you would, though!