Friday, August 27, 2010

More names...

You might remember the long list of names we'd already got for Tilly at three weeks.

Well, she's now also our Wiggily Piggily, our Wiggling Worm. She's Tilly-Two-Chins, Ten-Ton-Tilly, Tilly-Tilly-Bearkins. She's our Big Piggy, our Little Piggy, our Snorting Piggy, our Piggy McWeeWee. Sometimes, she's just Piggy, plain and simple. She's Grumpity-Grumpity-Groo and The Red Hot Tilly Pepper when things aren't going right for her. She's The Sleepiest Baby on the Block and Sleeping Beauty. She's The Littlest Dribbler. She's Burpy Pig Jack and Birdie Num Num. She's our Squidge Bear, Squidgy Pudding, The Big Squidge. And, of course, she's our Cheeky Monkey.

Most often, she's Tilly-Bear: eight-and-a-half weeks, 11 pounds 6 ounces, of smiles and wide-eyes and polka dots.


mentalmulch said...

Oh my goodness....she is just too cute! Love all the names you call her. :) I just want to pinch those cheeks of hers! Have a super weekend!

Ingrid said...

Love all her names. She's a real Pet lamb! Mor mor

Emilie said...

She is soooooooooo beautiful, belated congrats!
Tilly is such a lovely name too, awww, I'm melting :)

MJ said...

AWW! Can I invite ourselves over again to see her again???? I'll bring cookies, lasagna, drinks, anything!

Justin said...


you are welcome anytime! Those cookies were fantastic.