Wednesday, August 25, 2010

IKEA In Numbers

I've been asked to elaborate on last Saturday's IKEA trip. Here's the breakdown:

Number of hours in the car, to Houston and back: 4
Number of times Tilly had a meltdown in the car: 0
Number of hours spent in IKEA: 3
Number of times (approximately) Tilly had a meltdown in the store: 6

Number of meatballs devoured: 40
Number of minutes (approximately) taken to devour said meatballs: 3
Number of people shocked that IKEA no longer serves lingonberries: 2

Number of people we can now have over for dinner, so that everyone has a fork: 12
Number of people we could previously have over for dinner, so that everyone had a fork: 4

Number of hands needed to push a trolley, a pushchair, and hold Tilly: 6
Number of hands available: 4
Number of phones lost (or stolen) while inside IKEA: 1
Number of yellow IKEA Beetles spotted: 1

Number of hours Tilly slept once we got her to bed that night: 7
Number of people who felt that, overall, it was a very good day: 2


Mami Made It said...

Love IKEA too! But we just drive 40 minutes to the meatballs which I love too!

dolie said...

Sorry about the phone, and make that a 3 to the number shocked about the Lingonberries. Is this a USA thing I wonder, will have to check it out.

Loreal said...

I love this post! Tilly looks like such an angel in the picture, it's hard to believe she had any meltdowns. And YOU look fabulous! I have actually never been to an IKEA before, but I might have to go after reading this post =)