Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zip It

In honour of Tilly's being six weeks old yesterday, I thought it was about time to fire up the old Mean Green Sewing Machine and make a Russian doll cushion cover for the rocking chair in Tilly's room.

Now, when I say "make", what I really mean is sew together the front and back pieces that my lovely Mum had patchworked, and add a zip. Well, and work out how to add a zip... A nice easy project to get me going again, with very fast results! Only one of the three cushions got finished yesterday, but all in the space of time between Tilly eating and Tilly taking a nap. I felt a bit like I was on a game-show, doing a speed sewing challenge!

I just love how Tilly looks like the Russian doll, with her round face, wide eyes, and pursed lips!

It turns out, though, that Tilly might have to wait a while to have the cushion in her room... as soon as it was done, Justin claimed it, and took it off to the sofa for a nap!


Jenni said...

Great set of photos...Tilly looks like a baby Buddha, aware of all around her! Can just imagine you speed sewing...

Loreal said...

Oh what beautiful pillows! I can't believe Tilly is already SIX WEEKS OLD!!!