Friday, October 1, 2010

Three Months

Tilly, our little mountain climber, seems to be less interested in moving laterally than in moving vertically. She wants to go upwards, always; whether she's practicing crawling or walking, she enjoys it much more at a 45 degree angle. She wants to go over things, she likes a challenge.

Tilly, our little explorer, wants to see where she's going. Our front carrier, which had previously been an excellent way to upset her, is just about her favourite thing now that she can face forwards. She now enjoys romantic walks at sunset, going to the supermarket, and watching clothes being put in the washing machine.

Tilly, our little bear, loves her pyjamas. Thank goodness for the new autumn chill. Every time we see her lounging in her pjs, we can't wait for Christmas morning. Especially after a friend passed down some reindeer-print jammies!

Tilly, our little three-month-old, is always in a state of change. Every few days, recently, there is something new. In the last few weeks, she's learnt to babble and hold a conversation of noises. She's learnt to stick her fist in her mouth. She's started laughing -- a simple "hehhhh!" at first, and now, sometimes, more of a "hehh hehh!" She's started to notice her toys... Mr. Plastic Singing Froggie and Mr. Duckie Rattle in particular. She's slept properly, wonderfully, through the night three times in a row and counting.


Loreal said...

I love the picture of Justin with Tilly in the carrier, and I'm so excited about all of Tilly's new accomplishments!

Please tell Justin that we need more pictures of Tilly with her Mum! (I had to get onto Stephen about that just last week... I swear there are 10 times more pictures of him and Bella than there are of me and Bella.)

Jadyn said...

I love her curious and triumphant face looking over the rim of the diaper box! I can't believe how fast she's changing, it all changes so fast when they're that little...And what a good girl for sleeping through the night, that must be a welcome change!

LeelaBijou said...

Awww, how sweet and adorable!!!!

Katie of brandedbutterfly said...

That is one cute baby.

Anonymous said...

Hi Astrid! This is Terri from church with the little girl a little younger than Tilly. Kathryn pointed me to your blog and I just love it!! I sew pretty much every day while my little ones nap. We should talk craftiness together some time. My blog is

Tania said...

HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Three months in a blink of an eye - and I'm not even suffering from sleep deprivation! She's a sweetie.