Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Handmade Tree

As Tilly is able to stay up longer and longer, I am finding it best to have smaller and smaller projects on the go, so that it is still possible to get something sewn and finished in a day. And so, I've built up quite a collection of handmade ornaments for our tree this year. 

The little house, to symbolise our first year in our own home. The cross stitch heart, which reminds me of all the Danish-style Christmases I had growing up. Wool felt hearts, for all the warmth and love that surround us. Red and white felt do-dahs, because they are the fabrics I have most of. And little embroidered mittens, which can be picked off the tree and put onto Tilly's hands on chilly days.


Loreal said...

I am still amazed at all of your productivity. What beautiful, meaningful ornaments. I hope you and Tilly are having a great time with your mum.

LeelaBijou said...

Oh my, they are all so cute and pretty!

Ewa said...

such a great idea!