Thursday, November 4, 2010

Adventures with a Can of Chalkboard Paint, Part IV

As you might imagine in the home of a Brit, there's always a cup of tea on the go. And with my Mum here this week, there's suddenly a need for two cups, and for a way to tell them apart.

Solution: plain wooden coasters + chalkboard paint

A little bit of chalk, and it's easy to tell which is your cup, which has added sugar...

...or to give a friendly warning!

And no need to limit them to use just with hot drinks. Instead of scribbling guests names on plastic cups at your next get-together, why not give them real drinking glasses, and a coaster with their name on it?

(Linking to Kirsty at Creative Space today!)


Knoopjes said...

Great work! That would actually be a great christmaspresent!

Ky said...

That is such a good idea:)

Astrid said...

Thanks! Very fun and easy to do... have a go!

Anna Lloyd said...

you are too cute!