Friday, November 5, 2010

Hearts, Hearts, Everywhere

As you might imagine, our home is rather red. I will, sooner or later, make red curtains for the windows, but until then, little garlands of red hearts hang down in front of the blinds to add a bit of colour, and a bit of Danish warmth for the winter. 

The garlands were a product of one night in, watching a film. With nothing else to sew, I sat and simply cut heart after heart out of red felt. By the end of the movie, I had a pile of fifty hearts, and the sheer quantity of them inspired me to string them together and hang them from our exceptionally high, curtainless curtain rods.

Making your own garland couldn't be easier, whether you choose to cut out hearts from felt yourself, or buy ready made ornaments, such as the ceramic ones below (from potglasshande), and string them together.

Danish designer, Maileg, also has some lovely stuffed fabric hearts, ready-made, in fun stripes and spots. 

I love the idea of warmth and love shining out from our house through each window. I think it'll be quite hard to get myself to take the hearts down from the windows when winter comes to an end!


Kathryn said...

Ooh, cuteness! My mom would absolutely loooove these!

Astrid said...

Thanks, Kathryn! I love your version of the felt heart garland, too.