Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Creative Year

2010 has been a handmade year like no other.

January was spent patiently knitting for unborn Tilly, on needles so small that the blanket took ten months to finish.

In February, Wodger and Wupert Wabbit -- the original Travelling Tillberries -- were sewn, though Wodger unfortunately disappeared into the mystery of the Chinese postal system.

In March, I made my first quilt. I discovered Lotta's "Simple Sewing for Baby" in April.

May and June saw me desperately stuffing foxes and hand-stitching tea cups during the eight weeks of any-day-now Tilly panic.

July was a month of simply creating ourselves as a family of three.

In August, there were many nights of cutting out felt letters.

September, scarily, was when all of the Christmas presents were started, which continued through October.

My Mum's visit in November threw creativity into overdrive -- cardigan knitting, apron embroidery, cross-stitched ornaments, and the lid of the infamous can of blackboard paint was popped.

And December's proudest achievement was the advent tea wreath, a tradition I hope we'll continue for many years to come!

What have you enjoyed creating this year? Let's hope that 2011 is just as full of inspiration!


Loreal said...

I'm so proud of all your creative accomplishments, especially with a baby in tow! I sure do miss making crafts with you at your big kitchen table.

Jadyn said...

Wow, you have been really prolific! Truly impressive! I've said before that you inspire me and I truly mean it. I am still plotting about things I want to use a can of chalkboard spray paint on!

aracne said...

Nice collage, I rarely take picture of what I make but it is a good idea to record my creations. This is a kind of New Year resolution!
Congratulations for your accomplishments.

Carin said...

Wow, what a lovely creative year! You've done a lot, even with a new baby to adjust to. I'm so impressed!

Like this round up idea too, may nick that lol!

Ingrid @ Fable of the Table said...

You really have made 2010 a year to remember, can't wait to see what 2011 will bring forth. Looks so beautiful in this mosaic too.
I x

Astrid said...

Thanks for your lovely comments! It's been a wonderful year, and I've loved sharing it with you!

monkeemoomoo said...

Wow!! What an achievement and what an inspiration. Lucky I have my list for next year to keep up with you!!!

Well done:)

Anna Lloyd said...

I loved all your creations! I made a daughter and finished my first quilt.

Astrid said...

Monkeemoomoo -- your list looks great! You'll be kept very busy!

Anna -- haha, making a daughter is the best of all!!