Thursday, December 30, 2010

Adventures with a Can of Chalkboard Paint, Part VI

Enough with the fiddly little brushes and delicate strokes -- over Christmas, we added a seven foot chalkboard panel to the kitchen of my parents' Old Rectory.

It's the perfect outlet for my family's quirky humour -- each day, we have a new quote on the board, under the heading "Wise Piggy Says." As the border makes the chalkboard look rather like a door (I admit, I almost walked into it the first night it was up), characters tend to appear looking through the post box, or slipping in through the cat flap, and is an endless source of fun!


Carin said...

Fun, fun, fun!

I can't wait to set myself free with a can of chalkboard paint in my daughter's bedroom next year when we're doing a bit of a room switch!

Stacy said...

I should forewarn you, I got a can of chalkboard paint too and am tackling projects too! :-)

Jadyn said...

Love it! I can see where you get your creativity and sense of humor from.