Friday, December 31, 2010

One Word for the New Year

Inspired by The Fable of the Table's organised flock of Homersfield geese, I have picked one word for 2011. The idea is that, instead of making an unmanageable list of resolutions, you choose a word that inspires you, or embodies who you would like to be, and you focus on living out that word during the year.

For me, the word that struck a chord was encourage.

To encourage others, to be encouraging to myself, to encourage good things to happen, to be encourageous. Plus, I'm planning to start a course this year, encouraging other mothers, and sharing ideas for ways to creatively record their children's lives and milestones.

If you've got a word for the New Year already, or if you've been inspired to find one, please leave a comment. I'd love to encourage you!


Carin said...

What a great word, Astrid! And I love your sentiments behind it. Mine is "develop" (posting about it tomorrow).

Happy new year to you and yours!

MJ said...

love it! I am trying to decide weather to go with "simplicity" or "growth"

Astrid said...

What great choices! Looking forward to seeing you both develop and grow over the year!

Jadyn said...

I love this Astrid! You certainly have been encouraging to me in the past year. Thank you for that! It sounds like you have an exciting year ahead of you, can't wait to read all about it in the months to come. xo

aracne said...

I love this idea of chosing one inspiring word. I chose ‘journey’ for 2011: I want to pass from a state of a kind of disorganisation (both mental and physical) to a safe place where I feel protected, where my roots can grow deep (I just moved). Uncertainity makes me frail and fearful, I need to rebuild the solid base that I have lost in the past months.
I need 'encouragement'...

diegoagogo said...

What a fabulous idea! Now to find my word. Mmmmm moving overseas to live so it might be something like "adventure" or "discover"??
Love the wreath ideas, have you seen the one that looks like a Muppet monster? Green shaggy fur and lots of eyes. LOL