Friday, January 28, 2011

Tin Is In

After a wander around the Navasota thrift shops yesterday, and many a horrified glance at the price tags, it's become apparent that battered old cans and rusty old tins -- especially tea tins -- are worth their weight in gold. Lucky for us, loose-leaf tea still often comes in tins, so your local supermarket might trump the antiques shops when it comes to bargains.

I love these ideas for bringing tea tins to the kitchen -- the perfect height to grow herbs in, and you can find them in colours to compliment any bouquet.

With a little more work, tins can be reincarnated as candles (I wonder if they smell like the teas when lit?), or with a lot more work, they can be wired up as retro lamps.

Can't find any tins of tea in the supermarket? These Japanese beauties (below) are available from TeaNote online... and the tea doesn't look bad, either!

Well, off to gulp down another cup of apricot tea -- only 3/4 of a tin left to go!


Ingrid @ Fable of the Table said...

Love your ideas and now I have the excuse to always keep nice tins.
I x

aracne said...

It is a great idea, I love tea cans and have a number of them. Now I know how I will use them!

MJ said...

thanks for the tea yesterday!

Victoria said...

I've seen the tin herb pots, but not the candles - and I REALLY like the tins they used for those. I'm sure I've seen some in Chinatown - I'll have to pick some up next time I'm there! :D

Kathryn said...

I love the look of decorating with cute tins. My mom has some older Swedish cookie tins that would make some super cute candles!