Saturday, March 5, 2011

Start Now and Be Ready for the First Birthday

With Tilly just having turned eight months old, you might think it's a bit soon to be thinking about her first birthday. 

But, the list of things I want to make for her to celebrate is as long as she is, and growing at the same speed, so the earlier I start the better the chances are of some of it actually happening!

As Tilly has a lot of friends turning one before her, I thought I'd share our little list of plans, in case it sparks an idea in someone else. Our plans fall mostly into two categories: traditions I want to start now and repeat each year, and things that will be special just for this year.

Traditions to repeat:

  • Create a photo book of all the "Tilly Tuesdays" from the year (she was born on a Tuesday)
  • Take a photo of Tilly with her favourite stuffed animal each year
  • Write her a letter (and hopefully get Justin to do one too)
  • Have her colour the same picture each year
  • Do something at 7:23pm (when she was born)
  • Write a story book, featuring Tilly and Bella
  • Take a photo of all three of us in a photobooth
  • Record what a typical day in her life is like at this age
  • Make a party dress

Special 1st birthday ideas:
  • Make a felt crown, a la Soulemama
  • Make a felt envelope, to be used for the birthday card/letter each year
  • Put together a "zhua zhou" tray -- a Chinese tradition supposed to predict the child's future career

Yes, it's quite a list -- you can see why I'm starting now!

The first thing I wanted to tackle was sewing a dress for Tilly. One of my favourite memories of birthdays growing up is the beautiful rose-covered dresses my Mum sewed for me. Having never sewn any clothes before (except a skirt for our Miko Rabbit!), though, I thought I'd start with an easy pattern. Tilly's gingham dress above is my first attempt, using Lotta's Simple Sewing for Baby. It really was simple, turned out pretty well (it's wearable!), and taught me a lot about fun things like armhole bindings and how not to hem.

I'm working up to trying a pattern from Fiona Bell's Sewn with Love. Hopefully by the time Tilly is five or six, I'll be up to making that lovely dress on the cover, below.

Do you have any special birthday traditions, or favourite memories of a celebration? 


Loreal said...

Great ideas! My goal is to make a photo book each year, and a correlating scrapbook with momentos of the previous year. I love the idea of a letter from each parent, and a crown, though I don't think Bella would tolerate the crown this year! I will have to remember that idea for when she's a bit older. I can't wait to see Tilly's beautiful birthday dresses! (Great job on the dress you already made!) I know that you will do a fabulous job of making Tilly's birthdays as special as your mum made them for you =)

monkeemoomoo said...

I love these ideas, my son just had his birthday but if I whip up a little felt envelope I might just be able to squeeze a few ideas in like: the "day in the life of", a story, the letter and a photo booth pic. love it all:)

I already had the crown on my list, I just didn't get around to it. My daughter has one.

Great dress by the way, I made pj pants last year for my son, but that is about the extent of my sewing quests.

Thanks so much for sharing your family traditions. So inspiring.

Jadyn said...

I love her dress! And what a great list for her birthday, Tilly is a lucky girl to have parents who celebrate her so creatively.

Jadyn said...

I love her dress! And what a great list for her birthday, Tilly is a lucky girl to have parents who celebrate her so creatively.

Astrid said...

Thanks -- let's hope I get around to making them all happen!

I love the idea of a scrapbook of mementoes. Bella will love to look back on that!

Pjs are always popular -- well done! I'd love to see if you put together a little felt envelope.

I hope she'll see it that way, and not wonder why she has a huge sack-load of 'Mum's silliness' to sort through!!!