Friday, April 29, 2011

{curly purly vase}

What, you thought I was joking when I said I like to knit all summer in 95 degree weather? Now that the giant Neapolitan blanket is finished and folded, I've been finishing off some things I started a long long time ago.

Before Tilly was born, I was in love with the idea of using cloth diapers, and made several little wool soakers for her (from this pattern by Curly Purly). In the end, we didn't end up using cloth, and while I could give away the ones I'd finished, one little half-done pink striped soaker was still sitting on the needles.

With a bit of tweaking, adding and subtracting (i.e. knitting on the fly, making up the pattern with each row without really having a plan), that little soaker grew longer and longer, fatter and then thinner again, and rather than having two leg holes, it just had one big opening at the bottom. Perfect for covering a freebie glass vase!

And while I seem to be fine spending the summer surrounded by yarn, Tilly is no doubt very grateful not to be wearing this woolly monster on her bottom! 


Anonymous said...

I swear if someone had said to me they'd knit a cover for a vase I would have given them a funny look BUT I love it and now what a vase that shape just so I can knit it a jumper! ;D