Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{blanket neopolitano}

Three panels. Each forty stitches wide, and perhaps 300 rows long. Approximately 36,000 stitches. Done.

It started out very pink. So I added a little of white to lighten it, and then a bit of brown for contrast. And suddenly, it became a giant slab of patchwork ice cream -- strawberry, vanilla, chocolate.

Only a few hours in, I realised that this blanket wasn't for us. We, the house of a million blankets, in the land of eternal humidity, do not need 5lbs of heavy wool.

Instead, it is destined for a certain little sister of mine (I'm banking on the fact that, mid-IB-exam-prep, she doesn't read my blog, so other family, please don't tell her!) who'll be heading off to university this autumn. Though she's a Snuggie fanatic, I'm hoping this'll come in handy when dear old Snuggie is in the wash.

And what's lovely is that the whole of our family contributed: Tilly chewed on the wool as it went from ball to needle; Bella donated a few of her own hairs (albeit, accidentally) for added warmth; Justin knitted two whole stitches on his own-- his first attempt at knitting, and, sadly, probably his last; and me, I just knit and knit and knit, all the while thinking back to my first year of uni and hoping that Alice's first year is equally, more and less momentous.


Carol Browne said...

It turned out lovely! That's a lot of stitches. I'm sure your sister will love it. It looks cosy.

Loreal said...

I would have really enjoyed witnessing Justin's stitches!

aracne said...

Your sister will love not only the confortable and pretty blanket, but the fact that you knitted it for her: it will mean 'family' in the months far from home.

Astrid said...

Thanks -- yes, it's very cosy, and kept my feet toasty while knitting. Justin's stitches were very good, actually... but he got a bit frustrated with fitting the needle into the little loops!