Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{hop to it}

With a few more days until Easter, there's still time for a last minute rabbit or two if you scramble. As I still have a bit of stencil-fever, I've rounded up a few bunny silhouettes for inspiration.

1. Kinderpendant's iron-on bunny bag tutorial is a lovely way to package a chocolate rabbit or a little Easter gift. Alternatively, trace their image onto freezer paper and simply paint it on.

2. A rabbit with a camera? Could there be a more perfect symbol for our Year of the Rabbit photo-a-day challenge?

3. "Two Go Mad in Dorset" is the title of this springy print by Jane Ormes. I love how cat-like the rabbits are!

4. Decorated with super easy stamp outlines, these brown paper bags by mrrabbitsir would be a great last minute wrapper for Easter treats.

So, pull out the stencils and paint, the fabric and paper, and squeeze as many rabbits as you can into this week!


ingrid @ Fable of the Table said...

Love all these ideas - hope he hops by us in Beijing.

aracne said...

I love brown paper bags and the idea of decorating them is appealing, thnks for the hint!