Sunday, April 17, 2011

{to predict the future}

In the last few weeks, I've been getting down to business with writing my book -- which, if you missed my brief teaser before, is a journal for the creative mother and baby's first year. Though it has meant barely a moment of rest recently, what a wonderful feeling to make such progress.

Rather than rest, though, I've been trying to incorporate moments of fun into the book, and to thank for your patience lately, here's a glimpse. Mothers and fathers, fret no longer, for there need be no more uncertainty about the future!

P.S. According my oh-so-scientific calculations, Tilly will be a future police officer. Justin will be oh-so-happy to have someone to share his weekend doughnuts with!


Loreal said...

I enjoyed that, and couldn't help but think about the "Are you ready for a baby" quiz we took approximately two years ago... =)

Loreal said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that Bella is going to be a food critic!

aracne said...

According to your map, I should have a pilot, an engineer, a writer and a vet.
The pilot is climbing in a well known fashion maison, and might end up 'piloting' the company.
The engineer graduated in economics but is a webdesigner.
The vet is going to be a midwife.
And the writer for the time being is studying law...
Very amusing and not very far from reality!

Astrid said...

Loreal, that sounds good -- you'll always know the best restaurants to eat at!

Blandina, what talented children! I'm glad the quiz is right on the mark (approximately!) for them all!

virginiamae said...

So cute! It looks like a police officer and a writer for my family ;-) Found you from Dutch British Love.