Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{inspiration: photo booth}

Loving this idea of props on sticks from Oh Happy Day (they even have free printables over there for you to make your own). And what's cuter than adults and tiny fluffy dogs all dressed up? Why, babies all dressed up, of course! 

Yes, I'm thinking about having a few props on hand for Tilly's birthday party, for a few laughs. And, for any older children, it might be fun to have some plain white outlines (of bows, for example), so they can colour their own.

P.S. The party dress for Tilly, which is supposed to be worn to a wedding this weekend is no, not made yet, but yes, looking possible. A bit of topstitching here, a join in elastic there, and we'll be made. Fingers crossed that it fits!


RainCityGirl said...

This is so great! I love the red stripey background. It makes the rest seem perfect!!