Saturday, May 28, 2011

{a year in felt}

The tales of Tilly. The fables of felt. Here it is, all ready for her first birthday: a collection of her favourite things, touchy-feely edition.

Care for a peek inside the finished book?

We've got button closure to keep everything neat and tidy when not in use.

There's a little wooden Tilly at the door, out playing in her summer dress.

Tilly's tree is growing well, and the lavender is in bloom.

Bella is drooling over her toys.

The instruments are out, ready to make music noise.

Tilly's first love, the sheepskin she sleeps on, seems destined to be a favourite page.

Kermit, the green hippo who plays musical notes when you bop him on the head (a favourite at bath time) is playing with bubbles.

While ducky floats by, unaware.

And, to mark the occasion, a little embroidered note to the birthday girl.

And what's lovely about a felt book is that after reading, you can simply lay your head down and use it as a pillow. Good night!

By popular request, I will be putting together a kit for a felt book that you can make for your little one. It will include the felt cover and felt pages, templates and instructions for cutting the fun pictures to go inside your book, and a touchy-feely packet of pom-poms, buttons and charms. Watch this space!


Carin said...

Boy oh boy, I'm totally smitten with this- so darn cute it's unreal! She's one lucky girl!

Holding a giveaway over at mine if you're interested:

Stacy said...

So nice! I love it.

Emmy @ the student/teacher said...

I love this - so sweet! Your embroidery is lovely and I especially love the buttons-as-bubbles on the ducky page. Great job!

Anonymous said...

do you have a tutorial for your felt quiet book?