Friday, May 13, 2011

{may's wreath}

Maybe it's all the hotdogs I've eaten lately, but mustard yellow is top of my colour chart at the moment. Barbeques, sunny afternoons, shorts and flip-flops.

Well, with a bit of ketchup red in there too, of course!

And knitters, don't worry about using up your precious yarns -- the wool is wrapped around the wreath in one long strand, so it is still useable afterwards. Just unwrap it, and replace with different yarn when needed!

(Inspired by this tutorial)


aracne said...

Bellissima, I love the colors combination.

LittleGemsbyKari said...

so pretty!

Carin said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Could use this next month too, the blue and yellow are so perfect for the Swedish national day!

Loreal said...

I love the little rosettes!

simona said...

love how fresh it looks. and not so over-done as many other wreaths are (according to my taste). the one you posted a few days before is beautiful as well.

thanks for commenting on artsy ants blog, by the way. you're always welcome to visit the ant hill!
funny though, that today i stumbled upon your blog via "our creative spaces". :)