Friday, June 17, 2011


Again with the monograms. Honestly, before this month there was nothing around here emblazoned with letters. But here we go again -- the American Typewriter taking over -- this time with fabric paint.

I sewed up the red fleece ampersand a few months ago. It turns out it's Justin's favourite thing. He likes to throw it. He likes to put it on his head like a pretzel hat.

And, while it lived on the sofa, awaiting completion of the stenciled pillows, it was quite a talking point. As in, anyone we had over would ask what it was. Followed by, "And why did you make a red stuffed ampersand?" Um, no reason. To see if I could.

Anyway, I just spotted this amazing tailored ampersand over at The Marion House Book, and am totally itching to make another. 

In fact, it's a whole tweed and plaid tailored alphabet. And don't I need a tweed and plaid tailored alphabet for teaching Tilly to read? (Yes is the answer. Yes, I do!)

P.S. The felt and linen quote from "Deep in the Heart of Texas" hanging in our bedroom was the first thing I made after we had Tilly. What a long time ago that seems now!


Colette said...

Oh my, I love all of these - I've seen those tailored letters before and have vowed to make some, still in the planning stages though.
Just had a quick flick through your blog, so many gorgeous makes, I love the table runner idea, what lovely memories it will hold.

Jadyn said...

Love what you've done with your bed - it looks like such a happy place. I would want to stay in bed all day if I were you! The red ampersand is so fun, I hope you make more stuffed letters, can't wait to see them!