Friday, June 10, 2011

{finer china}

Justin and I will have been married for three years next Saturday. And this year, we're switching it up a bit, and taking a break from the whole trying to surprise each other with presents thing (which, let's face it, can be pretty stressful for everyone -- poor Justin worrying that he'll get me something I don't like, and poor me worrying that I might be opening another RoboPanda. Go on, click on it. Yes, he really bought me that.)

So, what we're doing this year is starting a collection. I got very inspired by all these lovely hand-drawn plates, and thought that the fact that we were married in China the country meant that we can have china the plate as our little theme every year. (Rather than having to find something leather for our third year, as tradition would have us do!)
Meg plate and Beardy plate, by Donna Wilson

Summer Pizza Plate by nitchii

Nestled Mini-Dishes by baileybowls

So, I offered Justin the choice: we could treat ourselves to a fun designer plate from the selection above, or we could have a go at drawing our own. (I'm not sure which option I was hoping he'd choose!) 

He picked making our own, and so that's what we'll be doing during one of Tilly's naps next Saturday. We both love the idea of recreating Donna Wilson's Meg and Beardy, but as portraits of each other. I love Beardy's beard, so might be painting an earlier, hairier version of Justin. We'll see. 

We'll be sure to show you the results!


RainCityGirl said...

I can't wait to see your plates. What a great idea and I totally love all of the choices you posted.

Loreal said...

Great idea! I love that you can think about your third anniversary every time you look at them! We, too, have found that buying "surprise" presents is just not worth the stress most of the time. I much prefer choosing something together that we know for sure we'll both enjoy. Although I have to say that Robopanda makes a great story =)