Saturday, June 11, 2011

{inspiration: memory games}

There are some gorgeous designs for memory games around at the moment, from big bright animal versions for little children to personalised photo versions that serve as a fun way to look back at years past. Felt, cotton, wooden blocks, fancy Liberty prints... there's a medium for everyone. 

This beautiful game by Treefall Designs will help baby to recognise shapes, animals, and colours.

Lily's game at Block-a-day, using blocks affixed with favourite family photos, is a special way to celebrate shared moments. And we have no shortage of photographs around here...

The Student Teacher strikes again with this colourful game, made from wool felt and squares of patterned fabric. Plus, it's chewable, so would last more than five minutes in our house.

Moolka has a sweet wooden set to buy, which could easily be reproduced with wooden tiles and a bit of paint.
No Big Dill has another way to use your family photos in the game -- printing them onto transfer paper and ironing them onto fabric blocks.

And a sweet, simpler version from Just Enough Style (via Naptime Crafters), with clear shapes and bright colours for little minds. This one could be whipped up in a single afternoon, I bet.

Decisions, decisions. I'm not putting any pressure on myself to have a game of our own ready for Tilly's birthday (seriously, how many hand-sewn presents does one baby need?) but am letting the possibilities fester for a little while before jumping in.

Which one strikes your fancy?


elineof said...

A very inspiering blog post! thanks for sharing.