Thursday, June 23, 2011

{inspiration: snap happy}

Tilly loves my camera. Every other photo I take these days is half obscured by her little hand reaching out for the lens, and she'll stop at nothing to see herself on the little screen. In fact, she loves cameras so much that we decided to plan her a "Say Cheese!" birthday party. (Which also fits with her love of cheddar -- perfect!)

These are a few things that have been inspiring me while planning her little celebration. 

Girliepains' printable box cameras could add a lovely colourful touch.

OneLateNight's custom plush camera looks nice and chew-proof, and might stand up to a houseful of one-year-olds.

Hine's camera case has the added bonus of buttons for little fingers to play with.

Girliepains printable Polaroids give a touch of retro, and come with mini-Polaroid photos!

LittleSaplingToys' organic camera takes indestructable to a new level.

Bobo Choses' camera pajamas look very cosy to snuggle up in after a long day of cake eating.

AmyTangerine's handstitched camera onesie is very cute. Perhaps we need one in a Justin size too, as he's usually doing the hard work behind the shot, i.e. making farm animal noises at the top of his voice. Yes, really. (Moo works best, we've found)

In other camera news, please stand by for an increase in the quality of photos around here. More on that later...


Sewandthecity said...

What a lovely theme for a party! I love all the different "Photography" related ideas you have selected on your post! My three year old loves cameras too, so I might have to make her a felt one but I have a suspicion that would not satisfy her! Thanks for your post!

Astrid said...

Haha, yes, once they fall in love with digital screens, felt won't really cut it anymore :)

Jadyn said...

Lovely ideas, that onesie is so cute! I love how your shoots are family efforts, too cute. Looking forward to hearing more on your photography-related news!

Loreal said...

Looking forward to hearing all about the party and seeing photos of it taken by your fabulous new camera! I love the camera theme, and I hope that some of your guests will take photos for you, so that you and Justin will be able to enjoy the event from in front of the lens as well as behind it =)