Saturday, June 25, 2011

{a new lens on the world}

Yesterday, our new camera arrived. Tilly and I were so excited, tracking it every hour, and we vowed not to leave the house until it came, for fear of missing the UPS man. We waited and waited and waited, afraid even to go in the back garden, in case we didn't hear the knock. We weeded the front garden, though, and read every single book we own at least twice. And went a little crazy.

And then, at 4.45pm, when we'd just about given up hope, our little D90 came. We raced to get it charged and formatted and all put together, and then hurried out for a walk before the sun disappeared (we needn't have rushed -- around here, it gets dark at about 9pm these days!)

How velvety Bella's ears look now!

What fun to experiment with depth of field and blur.

It seems even heavy-duty machinery and tarmac look soft through a 50mm lens!

We are thoroughly enjoying learning how to work the camera, and have thankfully passed through the initial stage of not being able to get anything in focus! Now, to see what all these little buttons do...


Jadyn said...

So exciting!! Your photos do look fantastic, such vividness! Have fun doing more experimenting!

aracne said...

It sounds like a big event, something you were really looking forward to happen. And now you seem in bliss.
Well done, what we do for ourselves is never lost!