Monday, June 27, 2011


Yes, more fun little props for Tilly's birthday photo booth. These, I printed off from Oh, Happy Day (which I wrote about here) for free. Can't get better than that.

Then, grab a few wooden dowels and a dollop of hot glue, and you've whipped them up in no time. Seriously, I made them right after I put Tilly down for a nap, and I swear they were done before she even fell asleep. 

(Note: Oh, Happy Day suggests adhering each prop to black foam. I suggest printing them directly onto cardstock and saving yourself a giant headache. If you do the foam, it'll take longer.)

I'm loving this combo -- didn't you always want to be a Cowboy Rabbit? (Yes, I knew it)

Also whipped up were a few plain white bows. We have some older children coming to the party, too, and I thought that a bit of colouring would be a nice back-up in case shape-sorters and musical turtles (and our other one-year-old appropriate toys) aren't quite as exciting as Tilly thinks.

Grab a coloured pencil, and style yourself a striped hair bow, or a polka-dotted bow tie...

The bows, I found in red as clip art online, and then simply put them in Photoshop and dyed the centres white with the paint bucket. Again, just hot glue and a dowel, and they're ready to go.

A bucket o' props, ready for some fun. Bring on Saturday! (Well, except I haven't planned what eating yet. Or made the tablecloths. So let's hold off on Saturday, actually...)


GunnyMom said...

LOVE the booth, the "word signs, and the props !! What a simple but great idea. Thanks, you have inspired me to use this for our Senior Day Care program for adults with dementia....Thanks again