Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{inspiration: mug shot}

We so thoroughly enjoyed painting plates for our anniversary that I've been looking for more ways to get creative with old china. Everyone's got a plain white mug laying around somewhere (or, can pop to IKEA and get a couple very cheaply) -- these easy projects will quickly transform your bland cups into personalised pieces, full of character.

Gina's tutorial for cross-stitched mugs lets you monogram your morning mocha. I love that you could use any font (ahem, American Typewriter), any colour, and make a set for the whole family. 

Aesthetic Outburst's patterned mugs make doodling look chic. You can draw a line, a circle, a triangle, I know you can!

BaileyDoesn'tBark's Teabag Mug couldn't be simpler. The bag sits inside, while the tag hangs outside the mug, and could even be personalised with a name or a little heart.

Sweet Sweet Life's face cups are all lined up to be our next anniversary project. A little better groomed than Beardy, Mr. Moustache seems to yearn for a nice hot cup of Earl Grey. And, of course, that's Lady Grey next to him!

BaileyDoesn'tBark's Postcups let you write a message -- a 'wish you were here', perhaps, or a favourite quote about tea. Plus, if it ever gets misplaced, the return address will be right there on the cup!

P.S. The lovely Dutch-British couple, Jadyn and Ben, who share our wedding anniversary, also got up to a bit of plate painting of their own back in June. Check out the brilliant results here.


Catherine said...

How cool are those mugs. I love the cross stitch mug and the mug with the tea bag. These are great gift ideas for hard to buy people. :)

Jadyn said...

I love this!! I also have been thinking of other things to paint since we did the plates! I love the cross-stitch one, it would be really great in American Typewriter font. Also really love the one with the address.

Ps. Thanks for mentioning our plate painting, that totally made me smile. :)