Saturday, July 23, 2011

{still in progress: play kitchen}

I have not done any work at all on the broken-down cabinet that is to be Tilly's play kitchen. But I have found a second abandoned bit of furniture -- a bedside table with a broken drawer -- which is also fair game for a bit of sprucing up. (Yes, we're turning into a home for stray cupboards. If any more show up, I'll start adopting them out...) 

As there's nothing covering the space below the drawer, it could be the perfect spot to hang a colourful curtain, a la the kitchens that inspired me.

Clearly, we still have time before she's even interested in wooden cookery; one of Tilly's friends just got the most beautiful wooden kitchen for her birthday, and I watched today as Tilly ran straight past it to try to grab a chewed-up bit of carrot off the floor. And then tried to eat a shoe. Play kitchens are pretty low on her priority list right now, apparently.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few of the things that I hope to fill her kitchen with, eventually:

A felt scale, to measure out her pretend flour. What amazing embroidered detailing!

Felt cupcakes, and that adorable felt muffin tray, by umecrafts. I make everything in cupcake form -- banana bread cupcakes, chocolate cake cupcakes, and I've even seen a recipe for macaroni and cheese cupcakes that I desperately want to try -- so I'm sure Tilly would know what to do.

Felt strawberries by KennasFeltForest. Four dollars for three of these beauties seems like awfully good value -- I guess it's the end of picking season!

Felt toaster pattern by GulfCoastCottagePDF. I'm curious if the toastables would go up and down?

Kitchen utensils by bugbitesplayfood. You know, because then I can have my utensils back to cook with!

And, just so that she doesn't forget she's a Texan, this little felt grill by GulfCoastCottagePDF. What do you fancy -- that very well-done T-bone, the so-rare-it's-still-oinking hotdog, or the burger that's one-quarter meat and three-quarters salad? (I call the burger.)


aracne said...

Very amusing, I had to smile hard looking at these brilliantly made toys!

Jadyn said...

Tilly surely will have the best-accessorized kitchen in town, maybe even all of Texas!

Astrid said...

Well, it's nice to dream... it'll either be a big success, or we'll still have a house full of broken cupboards a year from now!

Keera @ said...

Oh those felt utensils! And the cupcakes! Astrid they are gorgeous and I cannot wait to see tilly's finished kitchen... sending you good thoughts for.successes... a houseful of broken cupboards (desks, chairs, footstools.... oh did I mention cupboards) is never fun! X

Astrid said...

Thanks, Keera -- I can't wait to see it, too! Those magical garage elves had better be working on it... :)

biscuit said...

I don't know how i got there but i love those kitchen complements on felt!!! You have a beautiful baby!

Angela Lockhart said...

Very amusing, I had to smile hard looking at these brilliantly made toys!