Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{creative ways to record your travels}

We haven't even left yet, and already I can't resist thinking about how we'll record our trip to Denmark. Of course, we're planning to build our postcard shelves (which, due to warped planks, will now be when we get back), so we'll be sure to pick up a nice Danish postkort to display. But, loving maps as much as we do, here are a few other ideas for remembering trips:

This felt pillow has been embroidered with travel routes, each trip in a different colour. Just don't try to fly from Los Angeles to Japan -- you'll have to go the long way round! (Paola of Atelier Pompadour, via Apartment Therapy)

Feeling stitchy, but don't want to bother with all that felt? What about these simple postcards, onto which you sew your journey. Perfect for our upcoming postcard wall! (Uncommon Goods)

Add a little scent to a postcard collection with these lavendar-filled postcard sachets. Probably not worth the risk of getting them through customs, but buy an extra stamp while you're away, and sew these up at home. (Victoria)

Frame photos, using maps as matting. Choosing a map of the destination where the photo was taken will make it extra special. (Martha Stewart)

And, if you love your maps so much you can't bear to cut them, frame the whole thing in an embroidery hoop! (Brigitte.de)

These pillows bring maps down from the wall and turn them from crinkly to cuddly. We are playing with the idea of having a map theme in our guest room, so these would be fun on the bed. (My Bearded Pigeon, via Re-nest)

And as the guest room is also serving as Justin's office at the moment, this map-covered stag would be right at home. Could we make it a moose, though, please? (Steph Goralnik, on Flickr)

Okay, perhaps I'm getting a little carried away here, but if we're going map-crazy, why not throw in this  map chandelier, too? With a $5 IKEA light-kit, I'm sure this would DIY in no time. (Umbu)

Do you have any travel traditions? Any special souvenirs you try to find while you're away? It looks like we'll have to save space in our suitcase to bring a map or two home with us!


Megan said...

Hi Astrid, love your map post. I think you would like the look of these from a designer here in Auckland NZ
From Megan in NZ