Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{i see london, i see france...}

Happy mail. Special delivery. A good post day. Whatever you call it when something that is neither bill nor junk mail shows up in the postbox, this is it. From the moment I caught sight of all those red stamps on the outside of the envelope, I knew it was going to be good.

Inside the envelope was a map. Not just any map. My first map. 

It's a beautiful map of Lyon, France, and the surrounding area, from the 1960s. Ooh la la indeed. It was sent to me by a generous reader, Sophie, (merci!) who had no use for it as the map didn't quite stretch to include her hometown.

One of my favourite details is the town of St. Etienne. Though Justin has already firmly vetoed the name, I've always loved 'Etienne' for a little boy. (He's more into naming boys after ferocious animals -- Bear, Wolf, Komodo Dragon). Ah, well, now I can enjoy it on a map. Whatever I end up making, you can be sure that this section will be used.

Notice that the roads are all marked in red? Perfect! Clearly, it's quite a bumpy, twisty mountainous area, and I'm imaging many of these roads running along crests of the Alps. Who fancies a bit of skiing? (And a nice hot pain au chocolat afterwards...)

So now, (well, once we're home again) perhaps some of our map projects can start to take shape. Although I'm finding that it's much easier to think about cutting the maps up when you don't actually have any... in person, this one really does look quite nice whole!


ZippyZippy said...

Ohhhh - I love the stamps, just look at those colours!
The map is lovely too of course :)

Sophie said...

Good gracious!!!...this might be stupid but I am actually moved to see this little map (that was really getting bored and lonely here on my "table d'atelier") so nicely shown on your blog!
I'm quite thrilled :)
I'm watery and giggling (yeah, I might be a bit TOO sensitive, I know!). Can't wait to see wether you'll find someway to come up to something with it (and I do not doubt you will!).
I wish you the best (to you...and to this French map)

Kathryn said...

Maps are so much fun (even though I stink at following one), I'm excited to see what you create with it! :)