Saturday, September 3, 2011

{inside the rainbow}

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a rainbow looks like? No, I'm not advertising Skittles, or high on Lucky Charms. I've got some photos to show you from the amazing exhibit, Your rainbow panorama, by Olafur Eliasson, that we saw in Aarhus.

The panorama is a circular walkway that sits on top of the ARoS art museum, with walls of coloured glass panels. The colours have been arranged according to the colour spectrum, so that one gradually changes into the next.

From inside, you look out over Aarhus, seeing different parts of the city through different tinted panes. The orange section almost made Denmark look sunny (quite an achievement), in an end-of-the-world, sky-of-fire sort of way.

And what a surprise -- an art exhibit that is perfect for energetic toddlers! As a complete, closed-in circle, the panorama was the perfect place for Tilly to run around. The further she ran from us, the closer she got (from the other direction). Perhaps Olafur would be interested in doing an installation on our roof at home?

We didn't stay in the orangey-red section the whole time, and ventured through the eerie yellowy-greens, the deep-sea blues, and surreal pinks and purples, too. Here's a favourite colour combo, taken from outside, for any fellow Swedish-furniture lovers.

With the combination of funky built-in filters in the windows, amazing views, and constrained family members, the rainbow was the perfect spot for a bit of photography. It was very strange, though -- because your eyes adjusted to the different colours and began to see them as normal while inside the walkway, the camera saw things in a much more saturated way. Take this shot of extra-terrestrial Tilly, for example. The dangers of too much broccoli? 

Of course, most of the world won't be in Aarhus anytime soon, but I'm sure you could have a very similar experience if you took a pair of old glasses and some cellophane chocolate bar wrappers and climbed a nearby electricity pole. Your rainbow electrocution. No, please, don't do that. 


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