Monday, September 5, 2011

{magazine break}

You'll have to forgive me. Taking photos of magazine pages, one hand holding the page open, one hand (my wrong hand) holding the camera steady, in the evening light -- it doesn't make for the brightest of pictures. But I loved these ideas, found in Mad og Bolig (the Danish Food and Home) magazine and in the Illums catalogue, so much that I thought you had to see them, too. Make yourself a cup of tea, and have a flick through with me.

This is a bench that I would like Justin to make. The Chunky Monkey, I think I'd call it. Or Fatty Fatty Square Legs. As you might remember, our woodworking skills so far consist of nailing two planks to a fence and calling it a photobooth, but thick beams, straight lines -- how hard could that be?

This is art by Poul. (No, we're not on a first name basis, I just can't remember his surname. Googling 'art by Poul' has, unfortunately, not helped) I saw this in the magazine and loved it, and then, surprise, surprise, we saw one of these same paintings on exhibit in Aarhus. More on that later.

These are luggage tags, made from maps. Let's just add them to the giant list of map projects I've got. (Though we have yet to find a single map to make them all with...)

This is a piece of art I loved. Reading the Danish caption now, I can confidently tell you it is by Michael Brammer. The title, Kareligheden og Speijlaegget I'm not so confident about. Any help, Danes? Any guesses, non-Danes?

This is a pillow. A pillow that looks as if it's been knitted from the inner tubes of bicycle wheels. I wonder what size needles you need to make that?

This is bench number two on Justin's to-build list. Held up by plant pots, the bench lets trees grow up through the seat. Plant big enough trees and you'll have some shade; make them apple trees and you won't have to get up for a snack.

Keep your tools out, Justin -- two circles of plywood and a tree branch, and we've got one of these designer coffee tables. I love that the base would slide under the sofa, so you could have the table over your lap.

And now, something for me to make. Here we've got a pompom circle, a rag rug circle, and what looks like a collection of black felt stones. A perfect set up for a game of The Floor is Made of Lava.

Going straight to my I Could Make That pinboard when I get a chance are these two canvases of small lines. Doesn't it look like marks to count down the days? Perhaps send a canvas to the local prison, and have an inmate keep track of his sentence artily for you.

And, just for fun, some Pantone cups, so you can have a cup of tea while deciding on your paint choices, and... guess who? He's Alfi-licious. He's Alfi-tastic. He's Alfi the super thermos.

That's all. Break's over. What's your favourite magazine for inspirations?


Anonymous said...

An idea in Martha Stewart Living tempted me to sneak into your house with a can of red paint...

Sophie said...

Hello Astrid! I'm a French follower of your blog and pinterest; I just LOVE it (have discovered it thanks to ikea hackers - loved your simple but effective hack!).

It's not the first time that I see that your are...well...let's not say obsessed but...keen on? (is that the right expression?...I doubt) maps.

I you're willing to, I have a French map, an old thing from the fifities (but in good shape) if you want something to practise, or use?
I'd be glad to give it to you, since your posts most generally make my day :)

Astrid said...

Thanks, Kathryn, I love it. Great hidden red!

Wow, Sophie, I would love an old French map! That would be brilliant. I can't find an email address for you, so please email me at if you see this, and I would be over the moon to give you my address :)

Sophie said...

oops...Yes I did not put any address on my post; I thus sent you an email...
Glad to see you could be interested :)

Anonymous said...

literal translation: love and the mirror egg. Tweak that as you wish lol.

Great inspiration! Love the map tags. Thought pinterest as soon as I saw those. Definitely hackable!

Sewandthecity said...

Hi Astrid, I have been following your blog for a while now and it is lovely! I wanted to give you a Butterfly Award. You can pick it up here
All the best, Irina