Saturday, October 8, 2011

{where words once were}

While giving our Mormor tree a much needed drink of water today, I saw that the fabric hearts I hung had changed colour in the sun. The papers on which we wrote messages to Mormor were still safe in their pockets, but, magically, the ink had vanished.

Surely, when words disappear from our world, they appear in the next.

I like to imagine that as each letter I wrote faded over the summer, bleached by the Texas sun, the message grew clearer and darker and more defined somewhere else, somewhere Mormor is able to read it.

(Read about the meaning of our hearts here, and see how to make your own hearts here)


Anonymous said...

Your words may have disappeared from the paper, but if you listen they are now being whispered by the wind! Jenni

Jadyn said...

Astrid, this is such a lovely thought. Thanks for sharing it.